About Arsin Pole Asia

Arsin Pole Asia Co. started its trading business by importing industrial paper such as kraft liner in 2013  and in line with global standards have expanded its activities by importing stationery products group,  and …Office supplies. 


As one of the largest sister companies of Goldiran holding , Arsin Company, as the sole supplier of all cartons of Goldiran Group products, has always strived to improve the quality of products and services offered with a cost reduction approach. Since its inception, relying on its human capital knowledge and internal and external capabilities, the company has achieved significant growth in its business activities and has achieved a significant share of the business market.

Emphasis on Iranian products

Arsen Paul Asia Company, in line with the supreme leadership and support of domestic production, has been producing some of the needed products and items domestically and hopes to continuously increase the volume and variety of its domestic products, with the respect of our esteemed customers.


Become the world’s leading provider of child creativity products and gain market leadership by 1405


The main area of ​​activity of Arsin Pole Asia is providing a variety of stationery with a focus on child domain.

The priority of the organization is to promote the culture of consumption of intellectual and educational products among children with an approach of creativity and innovation.

Partnering with world-class suppliers that use cutting-edge technologies and high quality raw materials is always on the agenda in order to protect children’s health.

At the heart of the company’s goals and activities are customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

In order to increase the efficiency and improve the activities of  organization, training and promotion of the human resources as the most valuable asset of the organization is always on the agenda.

With sustained growth and development in the industry, the company strives to generate profitable and rational customer satisfaction.